NetBeans Menus

Whenever you will launch NetBeans, the NetBeans IDE start page will be visible. On the top section, you can see the menus are visible. These menu’s helps you in working upon the features of NetBeans IDE, such as opening a new project, reaching plugin, and other navigation’s.

Let’s see them one by one.

File Menu

NetBeans IDE is a menu where options for opening a project, importing a project, opening a new project and other such options are visible.

NetBeans IDE File menu

View Menu

Under the View menu, access the IDE log, check Toolbars, add toolbar options etc. If you want to enable full-screen view for the IDE, then set it from here itself.

NetBeans IDE View menu

Debug Menu

The debug options are visible here for the NetBeans IDE.

NetBeans IDE Debug menu

Profile Menu

Add a new profile and attach it to external process.

NetBeans IDE Profile menu

Team Menu

The version controlling option like Git, Subversion, etc is available here. History, task, as well other useful options are visible here.

NetBeans IDE Team menu

Tools Menu

Add plugins using the Tools menu. Plugins are bits of software that adds more functionality to your web, desktop and mobile application.

NetBeans IDE Tools menu

Window Menu

From the Window menu, add more window options to the NetBeans IDE, such as Task, Output window, Editor, etc. Also, configure windows or reset windows.

NetBeans IDE Windows menu

Help Menu

Access help content, online document, check for updates from here. Other options include, Enable or disable start page, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

NetBeans IDE Help menu

NetBeans IDE Start Page
How to install NetBeans IDE on Windows 10
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