NetBeans Introduction

NetBeans IDE is an open source IDE to develop desktop, web and mobile applications. Develop applications in multiple languages such as Java, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, C, etc.

Current version: NetBeans 8.2

Features of NetBeans IDE

Here are the features of NetBeans IDE:

Open Source

NetBeans is free to use and open source Integrate Development Environment (IDE).

Develop Applications

Develop desktop, web, and mobile application in languages such as Java, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, C, C++, etc.


NetBeans platform provides easy to use tested modules to extend the features of your application. If you’re a developer, then easily integrate third-party modules or develop your own and contribute. Install NetBeans modules easily, uninstall, activate, and deactivate anytime.


NetBeans ID also has a lot of templates and tools, such as the Matisse GUI Builder, which enables to design your application’s layout easily.

Supports Latest Java Technologies

The official IDE for Java 8 is NetBeans IDE. Create Java applications to work with new features introduced with Java 8 i.e. lambdas, functional operations, etc.

Easier and faster code editing

The NetBeans IDE also has an editor to manage code efficiently. The editor formats code, indents lines, highlights source code, refactors code, provides coding tips, etc.

Extending Editor

The Editor supports a lot of features for languages like Java, C, C++ etc.  Extend it easily with plugins for other programming languages.

Support Multiple Languages

NetBeans IDE supports application development in multiple languages such as C, C++, PHP etc. It provides tools and editors for XML, HTML, Groovy , PHP, JavaScript, etc.

Efficient Project Management

To manage the project, its files, code, and other related files could become difficult. But, with NetBeans IDE, easily manager project with different views of your project, with multiple project windows, to manage efficiently. The need of today, versioning has in-built support for Subversion, Git integration.

Cross Platform

Install NetBeans IDE on all Java supporting platforms i.e. Windows to Linux to Mac OS X.  NetBeans IDE is written in Java, so “Write Once, Run Anywhere” is valid here too.

NetBeans Installation
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