Setup Environment for C

Setup Environment for C

A program in C language is written in a text file, which we can easily read and write. But, for running a C program, it needs to be compiled. For this, we need a compiler, to compile the code into an executable program. In this lesson we will learn how to setup environment for C language.

You can run it with various compilers such as GNU, Turbo C/C++, etc, but here we will be discussing Turbo C installation and setup,

Turbo C/C++

We will here see how to setup TurboC/C++ compiler,

Download TurboC/C++ and double-click setup.exe to start installation,

Click Next above and set the location of installation.

In this lesson we learned how to setup environment for C Language. In the next lesson we will learn how to run our first C Program with Turbo C.

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