C – Pointers

The C Pointer is a variable that is used to store the memory address as its value. However, to get the memory address of a variable, use the & operator. This means a variable has a unique memory location. This memory location has its own address. To access this address, we use the ampersand i.e., the & operator.

In this lesson, we will discuss the two operators useful to understand the concept of Pointers in C:

  • The Address Operator: Access the address of a variable. Defined by &, the ampersand sign.
  • The Indirection Operator: Access the value of an address. Defined by *, the asterisk sign.

Let us see an example to display the address of variables in C:



Above, varName is the pointer variable, whereas datatype is the type.

Declare and create a Pointer

Follow the above syntax and let us see how we can create and declare pointers:


Let us now see an example is to create a pointer variable and point to an integer variable:


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