Adobe Express Tutorial

Learn to edit images easily with Adobe Express. Adjust images and add effects, elements, other images, video, audio, etc. to an already created image. Perform operations on images and easily crop, rotate, scale, and flip pictures. Flipping an image gives you a mirror effect. Add text to the image, and the text templates provide you with tons of free fonts to apply directly to the text of your image. Use a similar image and change the entire color theme with the click of a button using Adobe Express.

Adobe Express Video Tutorial

Adobe Express Tutorial – Index

Adobe Express – Overview & Get Started

Adobe Express – Image Operations

Adobe Express – Add text

  • Add text to your image
  • Apply text templates to your image

Adobe Express – Add elements

  • Add Elements to your image
  • Add icons to your image
  • Add Shapes to your image

Adobe Express – Adjustments

  • Set the image brightness
  • Set the image contrast

Adobe Express – Effects & Colors

  • Set the image effects
  • Change the color theme
  • Set the background color

Adobe Express – Add Media

  • Add Photos
  • Add Videos

Adobe Express – Download image

  • Download your image as PNG
  • Download your image as PDF

Adobe Express – Use Templates

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How to rotate an image on Adobe Express
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