Dashboard Left Menus

In the previous lesson, we learned about OpenCart Dashboard section. In this lesson we will learn about Dashboard Left Menus such as Catalog, Extensions, Sales, Reports, etc. Here are the left menus visible under the Dashboard section,

Catalog Menu

The catalog section includes Categories, Products, Reviews, and other important setup for your store.

Catalog menu for OpenCart Store - Dashboard Left Menus

Extensions Menu

The extensions section includes options to add extensions. From here you can also filter extensions and upload new extensions.

Extensions menu for OpenCart Store

Design Menu

If you want to change the layout of your store as well as add a banner, then the design menu comes into use.

Design menu for OpenCart Store

Sales Menu

Check orders, and returns from the sales menu. With that, you can also add new gift vouchers.

Sales menu for OpenCart Store

Customers Menu

Here, check the customer details, with the name, IP, email and other details. Also, add customer groups under this, such as Retailers.

Customers menu for OpenCart Store

Marketing Menu

OpenCart provides a separate section for marketing the store. It includes sub-sections to add Affiliates, Coupons, newsletter subscribers, and also add new marketing campaign.

Marketing menu for OpenCart Store

System Menu

Change the settings of your store with the System Menu.  You can also add a new language, currencies, and enable backups.

System Menu for OpenCart Store

Reports Menu

Automatically generate reports with OpenCart. Under this menu, generate reports for sales, products, customer, etc.

Reports Menu for OpenCart Store

In this lesson we learned about OpenCart Dashboard Left Menus such as Catalog, Reports, Marketing, System, etc.

OpenCart Dashboard
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