How to Install Drupal Commerce Kickstart 2 on localhost

In this lesson we will learn how to install Drupal Commerce Kickstart 2. It is a good practice to install the Commerce Kickstart from scratch. So, we will first download it and place it in the XAMPP in the same way we started with Drupal Installation. This will provide visitors with a separate site for online shopping.

Drupal Commerce Kickstart installation is quite easy. It has some simple steps, which can be seen below,

What you need for Installation

For starting working on Commerce Kickstart, you need the following software/ tools on localhost:

  • Commerce Kickstart: A free Ecommerce solution, to start creating online cart with Drupal Commerce.
  • XAMPP: It is a cross platform open source web solution package, that fulfils your need of,
    • Web Server
    • MySQL
    • PHP

Installing Drupal Commerce Kickstart on localhost

We’re learning Commerce Kickstart installation from scratch, so first we need to install it on localhost. Here are the steps,

Step 1– Go to the XAMPP official website and download XAMPP,

Download XAMPP for Commerce Kickstart

Step 2– Install XAMPP at any location. We’re installing in C: Drive as shown below,

 Install XAMPP on system

Step 3– Create project folder in the following htdocs directory, C:\xampp\htdocs\

Create project folder in htdocs

We’re done with installation of XAMPP.

Now, we will learn how to install Commerce Kickstart.

Download and Install Commerce Kickstart

To start working with installation, first download Commerce Kickstart.

Go to the following link and download Commerce Kickstart,

Here’s the screenshot,

Download Commerce Kickstart

Go to your XAMPP folder and create a new folder for your E-Commerce website as shown below.

We are creating Studyopedia folder,

Step- Now, move the zip file in the Studyopedia folder,

Step- Now your folder directory will look like the following,

Commerce Kickstart Project Directory

Step- Start XAMPP from XAMPP Control Pane”. Firstly, go to XAMPP Control Panel as shown below,

Start XAMPP Control Panel

Now, start Apache and MySQL as shown below,

Apache and MySQL started

Step- Now, Go to the web browser and type the following and press enter,


Now, you will reach the following page, select I agree to the Privacy Policy and User Agreementand click Let’s Get Started,

Drupal Commerce Kickstart Installation started

You need to add the Database name here, but first let’s create a database for our Drupal Commerce Kickstart,

Create Database

Let’s create a database by going through the following link,

After reaching phpmyadmin, create a new database drupalcartdb. First, click New, then add a database name and click Create as shown below,

Created database commercedb for Commerce Kickstart

Now, add the following database information, with database name under Set up Database step,

Database typeMySQLAdd the type of Database
Database namecommercedbAdd database name
Database usernamerootAdd database username
Database password(Enter Database password here)Add database password
Database hostlocalhostAdd database host

Here’s the screenshot,

Commerce Kickstart Database configuration

After filing the above details for Database, click Save and Continue

The Commerce Kickstart is installing as shown below,

Drupal Commerce Kickstart installing

The Drupal Commerce Kickstart installed successfully as in the following screenshot,

Commerce Kickstart Installation completed successfully

Now, configure site as shown below and click Save and Continue,

Configure Drupal Commerce site

Now, configure store here as shown below. You can select No for demo store. Instead you can install additional functionalities,

Configure Drupal Commerce store

Above, we added the following information,

Country: United States
Demo Store: Yes, we are adding the demo store here with custom theme, sample products, etc.
Localization: Yes, we want to all for translating the interface of our store
Currency: US$
Tax Rate: US – Sales Tax

After that click Create and Finish.

Import content,

Importing content for cart before finalizing

Now, installation completes.

In this lesson we learned how to install Drupal Commerce Kickstart 2 on Windows.

Drupal Commerce Cart Home Page
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