Drupal Commerce Introduction

Drupal Commerce Introduction

Shopping cart is an Ecommerce software on a web server, using which you can allow visitors to select products for purchasing. The purchase is made using checkout options, which you may have seen on online shopping website like Amazon, eBay, Zappos, etc. We will learn here about Drupal Commerce Introduction.

For creating a cart in Drupal, you can use UberCart or Commerce Kickstart. Both of these shopping solutions` are quite popular around the world. Here, we will learn how to setup shopping cart for Drupal website using Drupal Commerce Kickstart.

Image source: Drupal Commerce Kickstart

Commerce Kickstart 2 is quite popular and gives a lot of customization options for your store. It makes it easier for the administrator to manage and create a user friendly online store.

In the next lesson we will learn how to install Drypal Commerce Kickstart 2 on Windows.

Drupal Commerce Tutorial
How to Install Drupal Commerce Kickstart 2
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